Indivisible meeting Event

February 9, 2017 -
6:30pm to 8:30pm

Your local resistance. United, we're fierce. #StandIndivisible
Join us. Bring together our causes. Help each other. Strategize. Plan. Act. Contact us with any suggestions for representatives from local activist / non-profit groups who can participate and lend insights:
*Activism needs food! This is a potluck and a meeting :-)

Change happens fast in this Administration (federal and state). We will benefit greatly from meeting each other as humans, in person, at least once :-) We will also need to leverage the speed of social media. 

The first meeting is in the Berea area, at the Clear Creek Community Theater, Feb. 9, 6:30 pm. Potluck Dinner. 1882 Hammonds Fork Rd. (directions in comment below)

At Our First Gathering:
Let's meet, greet & eat :-)
Please introduce any organization with which you have affiliation.
Let's share upcoming events for all those organizations.
Let's plan a few specific actions, or simply make a plan to share info about actions.
Let's share a few strategies.
Let's talk about how to use social for fast, effective notifications of events.
Let's talk about how best to organize efficient, quick, unified action. 
Let's be succinct in honor of the many voices in the room and the valuable time we have.

I'd like to have represented a few organizations from our area and am reaching out to them. Please message me if you know of someone I should invite, or if you might be that wonderful person.

Our contact: