Summer Solstice Party! Event

June 18, 2016 - 4:00pm


It's almost June and that time of the year again!

Bring friends & family to celebrate...

Annual Summer Solstice Gathering 

at Salamander Springs Farm 

Saturday,June 18


Come anytime after 4 p.m. (we're at the Berea Farmer's Market Saturday til' 1 p.m.) to tour around the farm, play volleyball, frisbee or with the animals (we have some cute baby ducks!), hike in our beautiful forest, creeks & waterfall, cool off in the spring-fed cold tub in the creek...


POTLUCK starts at 6:30 p.m.  You can use our open-air community kitchen to warm up your dish.  We'll have a pot of Salamander Springs Farm beans, heirloom cornbread, fresh salad, homemade kombucha and plenty of the state's finest spring water!   BYOB. Bring your own plate & silverware if possible.


BONFIRE & MUSIC - Dark:30  Jam and share your stories on the new porch or around the bonfire with the natural acoustics of a field surrounded by forested ridges, a brilliant open starry sky and still mostly full moon! 


Camping welcomed (encouraged if you'll be drinking).  There's plenty of mowed field around the bonfire area.


WHAT TO BRING:   potluck dish, plates & silverware, BYOB/cooler, folding lawn chairs or ground blankets, musical instruments, poetry, songs, readings or stories to share...tent & camping gear, swimsuit & towel...but most importantly you!

No dogs please as we have baby ducks, chickens and geese*:) happy


NOTES FOR NEWBIES to Salamander Springs Farm:

THE FARM IS TOTALLY OFF-GRID.  Susana's house and the clay-straw building next to it are powered by a small solar electric system.  The outdoor community kitchen, solar shower & outhouse are lit by only small LED solar lights and kerosine lamps.

WE USE AN OUTHOUSE - at the top of the field west of Susana’s house:  a "Humanure" sawdust bucket compost system which appreciates your loving attention.  Instead of flushing, we add wood shavings. There's a simple "how-to" sign on the door  or ask any of us if you have questions or need assistance!   If you are camping, there's also a solar heated shower (ask one of us how to use it).

WE HAVE A DISH-WASHING STATION by the outdoor kitchen to wash your dishes when done eating:  3 big tubs (pre-wash, wash & rinse) and old dishwasher racks for drying on the table.  Let one of us know if you need assistance or if the water needs changing.

ENJOY our Salamander Springs Farm SPRING WATER - you're welcome to bring jugs to fill!  Our spring box is in the same geological system as the Climax bottled spring water (just over the ridge from us).   A gravity-fed water line buried through the forest brings it down to the farm.  Fill up your jugs from up at the outdoor spigot near the outhouse by the clay straw building.

PACK-IN, PACK-OUT POLICY on packaged food trash and beverage containers:  we're remote and do not have have trash or recycling service.  Thanks for helping keep our land clean.   Boycott the chain stores and bring local foods & home-brews!


Call 859-893-3360 if you have questions as we don't have internet access.

Looking forward to seeing you June 18!  


The Salamanders...

Susana,  Ben, Courtney, Megan, Sky & Robert




FROM College Square, Berea:  at the 4-way stop sign by the Boone Tavern Hotel, go SOUTH onto Scaffold Cane Rd. (Rte. 595 South) out of town past the Berea College gardens.  After a few miles on Scaffold Cane Road, you’ll begin climbing switchbacks (into Rockcastle County).   At the top of the ridge, about 50 yards after passing the Old Macedonia Baptist Church, you’ll come to a 3-way fork.  Take the middle fork DOWN on Rte. #1787 (not Burnt Ridge Rd which is the hard left.  This fork is easy to miss in the dark)

Go about 4 miles down into the Clear Creek Valley to a “T” intersection (in front of the long-closed Old Disputanta Post Office).  Take a right on Disputanta Rd. (still Route #1787) and go 1 mile to a stop sign for Wildie Rd. at an old barn.  Take a right on Wildie Rd. (There may still be "Closed Bridge" signs up, but ignore). Go about 1 1/3 miles to an unmarked driveway on the left for Salamander Springs Farm.   Across the road from our driveway is an old brownish house with a porch (close to the road). Our gravel drive goes straight up through woods with a steep drop off to a creek along the right, less than 1/4 mile to the top.  (Go straight up, not the split to the right at the bottom of the driveway to the old barn).  Front wheel drive cars do fine; rear wheel drive trucks benefit from weight in the back.  Parking is in the field to the left by outdoor kitchen shack or along the drives as it fills up.  Carpooling is encouraged as parking is limited.   

P.S.  A friend's GPS coordinates at the bottom of driveway are: 37.4577, -84.259).  If you try Google maps will send you to Mars or the moon.